Proudly Made in the USA

While many metal fabricators will be acquainted with notching tubing with a hole saw, the Ol' Joint Jigger™ incorporates many features that greatly ease and improve other methods. The most important feature is the work piece (tubing/pipe) and the saw are rigidly tied together by the back plate assuring a smooth, chatter-free notch. The Ol' Joint Jigger™ is designed to clamp the tube or pipe and feed the saw into the work thus not grabbing or collapsing thin wall tubing or causing any of the disasters normally encountered with tube notching by other methods. Joints in tubing or pipe up to 2" OD are made quickly (normally about 20 seconds) and accurately. Cutting holes for inserting sleeves or bungs through a tube are also effortless. Both models of the Ol' Joint Jigger™ have all the features and ruggedness you would expect from the world's leading manufacturer of hole saw notchers. Don't waste money on cheap imitations, buy the overwhelming choice of hobbyists and professionals alike... The Ol' Joint Jigger™!