Ol' Joint Jigger ™ Tube Notcher - RTN1000


Ol' Joint Jigger ™ Deluxe Tubing Notcher, Model RTN1000 is designed to provide just what you're looking for if you want "the works". Performance, versatility, and comfort are combined with precision to offer the ultimate in hole saw tubing notchers. The RTN1000 incorporates an enhanced vibration-reducing design of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. Versatile mounting makes the unit drill press-ready (16" from press chuck to table necessary), or easily attached to a work bench or welding table.

Laser-engraved protractor allows angle adjustments in single degree increments from 0° to 60°. Automatic tube centering and alignment. Bi-metal hole saws not included. Use with your 1/2in. hand drill or drill press. U.S.A