Ol' Joint Jigger ™ Tube Notcher - RTN100


Ol' Joint Jigger ™ Tubing Notcher, Model RTN100 is easily bolted to a bench top or clamped in a bench vice and powered with a 1/2" chuck electric or pneumatic hand drill. Great for notching pipe or tubing to assemble and weld in your garage or workshop. For production work, our optional drill press base (sold separately) and a 1/3 HP drill press with 3 1/2" to 4" of travel and 14" from the table or base to the chuck is all that's needed. Adjusts angles in single degree increments from 0° to 60°. Automatic tube centering and alignment. CNC machined steel construction. Bimetal hole saws not included. Base sold separately. U.S.A.